Baptized into the Body of Christ and inspired by the Word of God; we the Parish of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart are called to ongoing growth in our identity as Eucharistic people and our mission of spreading God's Reign of Love by our words and actions.

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First Friday of the month 

at 10:45 am

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The Sangre de Cristo Medical Guild, led by Dr’s Ken and Kim Dernovsek have once again organized the celebration of the “White Mass” to honor and pray for all Medical Professionals in the Pueblo Diocese. This Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Stephen Berg at Sacred Heart Cathedral, 1101 N. Grand Ave in Pueblo on Sunday October 29, beginning at 11:30 am.

The Sangre de Cristo Guild of the Catholic Medical Association invites physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, inpatient and outpatient healthcare personnel and their families to the annual White Mass and Solemn Blessing presided by Bishop Stephen Berg. This event is held near the Feast of St. Luke because he was a practicing physician and one of the first converts to Christianity.

Please join us in this prayer of blessing and thanksgiving through

your participation in this Mass.

St. Luke came from Antioch, was a practicing physician and was one of the first converts to Christiani-ty. He accompanied St. Paul on his missionary journeys and was with him in Rome when St. Paul was in prison awaiting death. St. Luke’s Gospel is principally concerned with salvation and mercy; in it are pre-served some of our Lord’s most moving parables, like those of The Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son.